Barbed Wire (Galvanized and PVC Coated)
China Gab400 Gabion Box Making Machine/Gabion Mesh Machine (XM2-32)
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Product Description
Material: High quality low carbon steel wire,Stainless steel wire,Medium carbon steel wire(Galvanized,Plastic coated,Plastic sprayed)
Style:BTO or CBT


Thickness: 0.5-0.6mm


Bar Length and width:12–67mm



With  beautiful and sharp blades and strong core wire,razor wire has the features of good deterrent effects,nice appearance,easy instrallation,economical and practical and other properties.


Razor barbed wire is widely used in apartment houses,organizations units,prison,frontier defense,military fields and other sites requiring severe fencing and security.
Hotsales Galvanized Razor Barbed Wire
Hotsales Galvanized Razor Barbed Wire

Outside Diameter No. of Loops Standard Length per Coil Type Notes
450mm 33 7-8M CBT-60.65 Single coil
500mm 56 12-13M CBT-60.65 Single coil
700mm 56 13-14M CBT-60.65 Single coil
960mm 56 14-15M CBT-60.65 Singlecoil
450mm 56 8-9M (3 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
500mm 56 9-10M (3 CLIPS) BTO- Crosstype
600mm 56 10-11M (3 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
600mm 56 8-10M (5 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
700mm 56 10-12M (5 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
800mm 56 11-13M (5 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
900mm 56 12-14M (5 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
960mm 56 13-15M (5 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
980mm 56 14-16M (5 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type

Hotsales Galvanized Razor Barbed Wire