China Gab400 Gabion Box Making Machine/Gabion Mesh Machine (XM2-32)

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China Double Layer Iron Glazed Corrugated Roofing Sheet Machine (XM3-25)
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Product Description
Mesh: 60*80mm, 100*120mm
Maximum width: 2300mm
Wire dia: 3mm
Overall size: 5755*1400*2800mm
Weight: 12 MT
Gabion Box machine
Description of the machine

The big hexagonal wire netting machine also called Gabion mesh machine, it is the professional equipment for hexagonal wire netting. It adopts PLC controller, it was operated steady low noise and efficiency. It is ideal machine for big standards, wide weaving, strong wire hexagonal wire netting. This machine was designed reasonable and reliable, has a lot of standards
Features of the machine:
1. Adopt the principle of clockwise and counterclockwise twisting.
2. It can reach 65 cells per minute
3. It is unnecessary to make the iron wire spring form for this machine to work consecutively so that the productive increased a lot.
4. The machine can weave double 1.1meters breath and can weave single 2.2 meters
5. Equipped with clutch brake and spot start. Easy to operate and reliable. Fewer requirement for operators.
Protect the base slope of Hydraulic, highway, railway, protect Ecological revetment, the control of Eco-border, the engineer of protecting sea.
Parameter of the machine
1. Mesh opening size: 100*120mm and100*140mm
2. Weaving width: 4300mm
3. Galvanized wire diameter: 2-3.6mm
4. Power: 22kw (main machine power)
5. Dimension: 7200*1400*2300mm
6. Weight: 17MT
7. Capacity: 165*4(l*w) (660 square meters per hour)

Standard Mesh And Wire Sizes
Standard Mesh
dimensions X x Y
Mesh wire Gl
Selvedge wire
60 x 80 2.0 2.7
80 x 100 2. 3.0
100 x 120 2.7 3.4
Gabion Box Sizes
Length (m) Width (m) Height (m)
1 0.5 or 1 0.5 or 1
1.5 1 0.5 or 1
2 0.5 or 1 0.5 or 1
3 1 0.5 or 1
4 1 0.5 or 1
Mattress Sizes
Length (m) Width (m) Height (m)
3 2 0.17, 0.23 or 0.30
6 2 0.17, 0.23 or 0.30